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German Longsword Seminar with Tea Kew and Andrzej Rozycki

  • Partick Burgh Hall 9 Burgh Hall Street Glasgow, Scotland, G11 5LW United Kingdom (map)

After sadly having to cancel Alba Fecht 2019, we are instead hosting a day long seminar with some of our prior line-up as well as a Sparring Day.

We are glad to say we will be holding a German Longsword Seminar with Tea Kew of New Cross Historical Fencing and Andrzej Rozycki of Cork Blademasters.

Price: All this event will cost you is a £10 entry fee at the door - a small price to pay for nearly 7 hours of HEMA.

Timetable (may be subject to minor changes):
10:00 - 10:30 - Doors Open and Kit Up
10:30 - 12:30 - Andrzej Rozycki - Thrusting in opposition in Liechtenauer Tradition
12:30 - 13:00 - Lunch Break
13:00 - 16:30 - Tea Kew - Cutting with a Longsword*
16:30 - 17:00 - Wrap Up

*Depending on numbers and ability, this class may run a bit longer or a bit shorter - in the latter case people will be free to spar till the end of the day if they wish to.

Andrzej Rozycki - Thrusting in opposition in Liechtenauer Tradition
During this class we will learn how to thrust (or threaten with a thrust) safely through the bind which is the the core concept of the whole liechtenauer tradition. Starting from the basic body mechanics and guards, then going deeper into the concept of a bind and using it to set the blade aside in both offensive and defensive scenarios. Then we'll expand a bit more and work on a possible variations from the bind - how to disengage (durchwechseln) or pull back (zucken) depending on the opponent's actions and how safely counter-thrust using any of the aforementioned techniques.

Tea Kew - Cutting with a Longsword
In this class Tea will run through the cutting mechanics of German Longsword, getting people acquainted with the idea of cutting with a sharp sword, before each person will get a chance to practice their technique while getting valuable feedback on what they are doing.

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